CloudElite: Who are we and why choose us?


CloudElite: Who are we and why choose us?

In the past few years, interest in AWS has skyrocketed, along with the need to validate AWS skills. Attaining AWS certification from reliable sources is crucial now more than ever. CloudElite is where your journey to your dream job starts.

Who are we?

CloudElite is one of the leading cloud computing training institutes in the world. We offer a 3.5-month AWS course designed to train people from various backgrounds. This job-oriented training course can help you pass top-earning and highly sought-after AWS certifications, whether you’re a beginner or a veteran with over 10 years of experience. Our instructors have a minimum of 5 AWS certifications and years of experience working in the IT field. Their expertise in AWS cloud computing will help you acquire the necessary certifications to build a career as:

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • AWS Certified Developers Associate
  • AWS Certified Security Specialty

At CloudElite, we offer many hands-on labs to instill practical skills to help you build a rewarding career in cloud computing. You can leverage these skills to be highly competent and comparative in the field. In the last two weeks, we provide customized resumes for each student, host 5 mock interviews, and train students on LinkedIn Optimization. We also teach several IT-related topics, techniques, strategies, and solutions to boost students’ competence and competitive edge.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing where to pursue your AWS training is one of the most important decisions you will ever make for your AWS career and professional development. At CloudElite, we are passionate and committed to helping our students build a career in this fast-growing and top-earning sector. As one of the leading cloud computing institutes globally, we have a long list of former students in high places. Linda Green, Product Manager at Apple Inc. and a CloudElite alumnus, firmly asserts that our course was “transformative – both professionally and personally” and recommends it for anyone seeking to “invest in their future.” For Xatashi Froust of Froust Inc., CloudElite’s program “paints the future” and is “the cornerstone of success.” You can also be one of the many CloudElite’s success stories!

And there is more! Our AWS training course is affordable. For only $2500, you get the skills you need to build a financially rewarding career in cloud computing. You’ll get to learn from highly experienced instructors with a minimum of 5 AWS certifications. Their insider insights and tips will set you on a path to success from the get-go. Our instructors also provide over 500 talking points based on their experience in the field to help students ace interviews and land high-paying jobs in the AWS cloud computing job market. Here are the benefits of pursuing your Cloud Computing (AWS) course at CloudElite:

  • Access to advanced and 100% job-oriented Cloud Computing (AWS) course.
  • Hands-on practice labs to instill real-world experience.  
  • Five mock interviews to prepare students to ace job interviews.
  • Extensive preparation to execute AWS job roles.
  • Qualification Certificates upon successful completion.
  • Customized resumes for each student.
  • Training on LinkedIn Optimization.

All these benefits take a step closer to a top-earning position in the fast-growing cloud computing sector. For LinkedIn Optimization, you’ll learn how to leverage this algorithmic and systematic formula to attain high traffic and engagement with recruiters on LinkedIn. It can help you connect with hiring managers of top-paying companies globally. You can either in-person or virtual classes to start your journey to your dream job.

Our Next Training Begins “in a few weeks”

  • Price: $3500
  • Schedule: 4 days per week either in person or virtual
  • Website: cloudelite.io
  • Contact: registration@cloudelite.io & (443) 607-2454
  • Location: Bowie, MD

Contact us today and get your Cloud Computing career off the ground!


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