What is Job Security Like with AWS?

What is job security like with AWS?

Launched in 2006, AWS (Amazon Web Services) has emerged as one of the leading cloud providers globally. It is the most widely used cloud platform in the world and offers over 170 full-featured services. Customers can access computing power, database storage, and content delivery services via three main types of cloud computing – IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. To ensure everything runs smoothly, AWS recruits the best cloud computing specialists for a wide range of roles. But what is the job security like with AWS?

How AWS fairs on Job Security Determinants

The main factors determining job security in the cloud computing sector include growth potential and remote work.

Growth Potential

AWS is the leader when it comes to public cloud computing. According to Statista, AWS holds 33% of the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) segment of the market and leads the pack by a wide margin. It is also expanding in the SaaS (software as a service) market. Since its founding, AWS has been the fastest-growing public cloud service. According to Forbes, AWS attained a 10% growth from 42% in 2017 to 52% in 2020 and has tremendous growth potential. You can expect opportunities in AWS cloud computing to increase for many years to come. Increased opportunities strengthen job security.

Unlike other sectors, cloud computing specialists enjoy high job security across the board. Why? Well, employer interest and investment are both evenly spread across several niches in the cloud computing sector. According to IDC data, spending on public cloud services will grow at a CAGR of about 22% and more than double by 2023. Within the period, investment in the public cloud for professional services will increase by 25.6%, 24.1% for telecommunications, 23.7% for retail, 23.3% for resource industries, and 23.1% for personal and consumer services. Investments in these areas differ by about 2%, indicating stability and high growth potential for cloud computing specialists in each niche. The demand for specialists in AWS cloud computing outstrips available professionals. Currently, about 60 percent of vacant or unfilled postings in the public cloud job market are AWS-related. All these determinants indicate that AWS offers strong job security.

Remote work

According to Adecco Group’s research, the number of job ads for remote jobs increased in 2020 compared to 2019. For example, Italy saw a 251% increase in remote positions, followed by Spain and France with around 150%. So, how do these numbers relate to AWS job security? Companies are increasingly relying on the services of remote specialists for cloud computing roles, including engineering, architecture, development, and administration. Cloud engineers and developers moved en masse to remote work in 2020 and are now in huge demand. A Willis Towers Watson survey of North American companies found that remote workers in cloud jobs command high salaries. The survey revealed that 60% of the companies intend to pay remote workers the same as in-office employees. 18% will set pay levels based on the market value of skills, which is ideal because AWS cloud computing skills are highly valued globally. Whether you’re an AWS DevOps engineer, SysOps administrator, or solutions architect, you can find work globally. You also won’t be tied to a single employer. The world is your oyster!

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