How to build an excellent resume for AWS jobs?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a cloud-based service offered by Amazon and is currently all the rage in the market. However, just knowing about AWS and having some experience in it does not guarantee an excellent job in this sector. So what are the various factors that are crucial in building a great resume in this sector?


A resume is your personal marketing pamphlet. As such, it should contain all the relevant information regarding you and your experience and skills. You can either follow the chronological method (where you state out your skills chronologically), or you can follow the functional method (where you focus on your relevant experience based on the required skill). Either way, there are some things that you should keep in mind-

1.    Always keep your resume updated with the latest skills and projects.

Stagnation means death in this field. That is why you should always try to learn new things, no matter how small or trivial. If you feel like some of these skills might help you do your job better, you should put them on your resume. An interviewer won’t telepathically know what you learn in the time frame between when you made your resume and when you got selected. So, constantly update your resume with the relevant skills and experiences.

2.    The resume should not be more than two pages.

The length (if you have less than eight years of experience) should not exceed one page. But if you push it, you can pull it to two pages. No more than that. No matter how many relevant accomplishments you might have, you should bever go beyond two pages. The interviewer only checks the first two pages of the resume. Beyond that, they lose interest, and this might lower your chances of getting hired. Digital resumes are popular these days, and you can use them to hyperlink relevant accomplishments or experiences without going over the page count.

3.    Make the resume functional.

Your resume should be functional in nature. You should only add things relevant to the job position or convey your experience related to that. If something does not connect to your job portfolio in any manner, do not add it unless it adds worth in some other manner (leadership or technological accomplishments).

4.    Prioritize the skills that are required for that position.

Following up on the previous point, it is necessary to prioritize and highlight the relevant skills for the position. That is why you should not submit the same resume if you plan on applying for various positions. It is always better to create custom resumes for each new position that you apply for. That way, you can showcase the relevant skill while keeping open multiple doors of opportunities.

5.    Showcase interpersonal skills, activities, and the various roles that you have helmed or taken responsibility for

Companies search for people who are humans, not robots. Hence, it is a good idea to imbue your resume with some personality by including the various activities you led or were a part of to showcase your interpersonal skills.

6.    Try to input hobbies and extracurriculars as well.

Hobbies communicate your lifestyle better than words can. So, be sure to include them in your resume as well. However, be aware that you might be judged based on that, so only input hobbies that somehow tie you to the domain, thereby reinforcing your position as the optimum candidate.

7.    Make sure that your resume contains your technical skills and experience from any previous engagements.

In the end, it’s all about technological expertise. No amount of personality can make up for these. So, be sure to be well versed with the technology, and also mention so in your resume.

Another good way to increase your chances can be by including your achievements (the relevant ones) in your resume.


That is all that is required for building a great AWS resume. An AWS resume is like any other resume in its simplest forms, in which you advertise your skills. If you have good skills, the resume will automatically include relevant information. Just ensure that your resume is easy to read, contains relevant information, and isn’t too informal or digressive.


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