How to get a job in AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has emerged as one of the top cloud service providers in the current times. It dominates the market as it owns the largest share of the public cloud market, which is why there are so many openings in this niche. The high demand for AWS has been driven by their popularity in the cloud market.

This is because it provides scalable and cost-effective services that cater to all types of organizations, regardless of their size. The number of organizations using AWS has snowballed tremendously over the past couple of years. But how do you get a job in AWS? What are the prerequisites that an organization looks for to determine who to hire?

Basic Prerequisites

One of the hurdles in your way if you want a job in AWS is the fact that you can’t apply for it as a fresher. You need to have prior experience to be able to apply for a job in this domain. The required experience time varies depending on the job and position, but the minimum requirements are that you should have at least 3+ years of experience in this field.

Additionally, you also need various other types of certifications and skills relevant to this domain.


Generally speaking, an AWS engineer is classified into three categories related to three different job roles and deliverables- AWS Solutions Architect, AWS Developer, and AWS Systems Operations Engineer.

AWS Solutions Architect

An AWS Solutions Architect will be involved in designing and maintaining the infrastructure and applications. As a result, they must possess high-grade technical skills and experience in this field (designing applications and systems on the cloud platform).

In order to stand out in this field, you should be able to design and deploy dynamically scalable and reliable applications on the cloud. Additionally, the selection of appropriate cloud services to deploy an application is also a must.

To provide a well-rounded background to your resume, it is also recommended that you know how to design enterprise-wide operations on the cloud and also implement cost control strategies.

AWS Developer

AN AWS Developer is responsible for the coding and development of applications. Hence, they are expected to know the best practices that are related to cloud architecture. Additionally, cloud developers are also involved in the deployment and debugging of cloud-based applications.

In order to stand out, you need to know at least one high-level programming language and have skills in API usage and SDKs for writing applications. The ability to code in order to implement essential security measures is an invaluable skill.

The ability to use continuous integration pipelines to deploy applications on the cloud is also a useful skill. Code writing skills for serverless applications are also prized.

AWS Systems Operations Engineer

These individuals take over the application once it has been developed and deployed. They monitor the activities that follow the process of development of the applications.

They should be able to work with virtualization technology and have experience in monitoring and auditing systems. Additionally, they should be able to translate the architectural requirement and be able to deploy and manage fault-tolerant systems.

You should also be well versed in the know-how to implement and control the flow of data. And finally, you should possess the ability to estimate cost and identify cost control mechanisms.


Getting a job in this niche is quite challenging. This is primarily due to the fact that there is so much competition that someone usually ends up being better than you when it comes to skills or personality (or both). That is why individuals should also have an exceptional resume to market themselves aside from the required technological skills.

The difference between an AWS engineer who got in and the one who didn’t is usually the quality of the resumes. So, be sure to invest time and thought into making it as good as you possibly can.

Another thing you should keep in mind is the required skills. You cannot make up for a lack of skills in any form. So, always be sure to educate yourself on the best market practices. Companies look for engineers that can get to work with the least amount of training time. So. you will naturally be preferred if you already have the skills that are required for that position.


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