Is Cloud Computing Right for Me?


Is Cloud Computing Right for Me?

Hey, did you know that cloud computing is one of the top-earning and fast-growing sectors? This exclusive club of top-earners is expected to grow from $374 billion in 2020 to $832 billion by 2025. Whether you define your dream job based on salary, satisfaction, growth opportunity, or demand, building a career in cloud computing can fulfill all your wildest dreams and more. Cloud computing is the future and the perfect career path for you.

Why is Cloud Computing the Right Career Path for You?

So, what do you want in a job? While the 6-figure salary enjoyed by cloud computing specialists is enticing on its own, specializing in this fast-growing field can do wonders for your career. Whether it is high-income potential, worldwide demand, or specialized skills, cloud computing has it all. Seizing the opportunity to work in this exclusive club can help you reap tons of benefits, professionally, academically, and financially.

There’s a worldwide demand.

In the last few years, cloud computing has been one of the brightest tech careers. Worldwide demand and employer interest in cloud specialists reached record levels in 2020. According to a study by Indeed, employer interest in IT experts with cloud computing skills increased by 33%. The prospect of working in this in-demand sector is enticing future-focused professionals. In the last three years, job searches for cloud computing jobs and roles have risen nearly 108%. Do you want to know the secret to why cloud jobs are so enticing? There are tons of cloud computing jobs on offer around the world. And the demand is rising rapidly. For example, users of SaaS-based collaboration tools increased by a whopping 300% in Feb 2020 alone. Hey, you can specialize in cloud computing and take advantage of the ever-increasing demand for experts in this high-paying niche.

Unlimited cloud computing roles

Cloud computing is broad and offers infinite roles and career paths. As a cloud computing expert, you can get high-paying roles like certified developer, solutions architect, development operations (DevOps) engineers, and system operations (SysOps) administrator. Cloud computing also offers you multiple paths to take your career to the next level. You can focus on in-demand positions, such as software engineering, cloud security, software architects, administration, data migration, and many more. Whatever your interest in IT, cloud computing has something for you.

High-income potential

Hey, did you know that cloud computing specialists are among the top-earning professionals in the world? According to Global Knowledge’s report, you can expect a six-figure salary as an AWS solutions architect. AWS cloud engineers, developers, and administrators are in the top ten top-earners in North America and globally. And there is more! The average salary for professionals in this exclusive club increases steadily and will continue to rise for many years.

No matter how far and wide you search, you’ll never find a job with higher growth and income potential than cloud computing. Now is the time to start your journey to this exclusive club. At CloudElite, we are committed to helping you join this top-earning club. Contact us today to secure a better future!


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