Demand for cloud skills in APAC expected to triple by 2025

Cloud computing is the future of digital technologies. The rush to get on the bandwagon is quite immense at the moment. However, some businesses still balk at the thought of investing in this niche. However, a recent study by AlphaBeta predicted that the demand for cloud skills in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region is expected to triple by the year 2025.

Let us take a look at the various findings of the report and how to best be prepared for the oncoming digital revolution.

Detailed Report

An average APAC worker will need to gain seven new digital skills (on an average) to keep pace with technological changes and advancements. However, these digital skills are not constrained to a particular niche. They span across a massive range of competency and proficiency levels.

It includes both the basic skills, such as the use of data analysis tools, executing various commands, and creating applications along with higher proficiency skills, such as developing and deploying enterprise-wide applications and managing cost control policies.

AlphaBeta divided the workforce into four parts and stated the future digital skill needs of each element.

Current Workforce (Current Digitally Skilled Workers)

This workforce is the most suited to evolving with technological change. They need to enhance their proficiency in their current field and also learn some new skills in order to market themselves as cloud engineers.

Current Workforce (Current Digitally unskilled Workers)

The non-digital workers have a huge task ahead of them if they want to keep up with the demand and pace of this niche. They need to acquire relevant digital skills in order to be more productive at their current jobs and have access to opportunities in the future.

Future workers (students)

Students are the best armed for the change that the future is going to see. They are like blank canvases, and all they need to do in order to secure a good job is learn skills that are in-demand. This will boost their employability and create more opportunities in the future.

Disenfranchised Individuals

This workforce is in a similar state as that of the students. They need to upskill themselves in the various digital domains if they want to secure a job in this niche in the future.

Cloud computing skills have seen the most significant rise across the whole digital sector. The need to collaborate (enhanced by the pandemic) has emphasized just how essential the skills required in this niche are.

However, there is still time. These are predictions for the future and there is still time for them to come to pass. There are still steps that can be taken in order to be ready when the time comes.

Current and Future Scenarios

The onus is now on the current and future workforce to upskill and arm themselves with the requisite skills of the future. The digitally skilled workers are at a slight advantage. They need to deepen their skills and learn new ones, primarily the cloud architecture design domain.

Employees who lack digital skills need to arm themselves with digital knowledge if they want a piece of the pie. It is recommended that they start learning the new skills as soon as possible and apply them at the various levels possible. However, only skills won’t cut it. You should also have the experience to show as a result of your hard work.

Aspiring cloud engineers have the highest potential to meet the requirements of the future. They have the necessary skills, motivation, and the will to keep moving forward. Additionally, the pandemic has taught them to adapt to the times and innovate as they go. This will ensure that no stagnation occurs, and they update themselves with the relevant skills and projects.


Cloud is the future of all technologies. Almost all digital domains currently rely on cloud computing of some form. That is why, if you want an excellent job in this domain, you should learn skills that are in-demand and their application to real-life projects.

Skills are what get you selected for an interview. It is the projects that determine whether you get hired or not. No project is too small or trivial. As long as you can apply the relevant knowledge to that niche, you can use it as a springboard to jumpstart your digital career.


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